Fourth Legal Latin American Congress on Reproductive Rights: Violence against Women and Reproductive Justice

Harvard FXB Policy Director Alicia Ely Yamin will deliver a keynote address the Fourth Legal Latin American Congress on Reproductive Rights in Peru in November 2015.


  • Promote dialogue between judicial officers, legislators, academic scholars, and activists on the importance of incorporating international standards of protection of reproductive rights as human rights in court decisions and public policy.
  • Strengthen legal arguments and judicial interpretations with a gender, public health, and human rights perspective to ensure the legitimacy of women’s reproductive rights.
  • Identify the key challenges and obstacles (formal and structural) to the full exercise of sexual and reproductive rights.
  • Create partnerships between the involved actors and institutions in order to defend, protect, and guarantee reproductive rights.

The Congress will focus on the links between violence against women and reproductive rights. It will be attended by representatives of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights, judges of High Courts of the region, academic scholars, and health professionals, among others.

Yamin’s talk will focus on analyzing state obligations with respect to women’s reproductive rights.

The Congress is a partnership between the Association of Judges for Justice and Democracy (JUSDEM), Adean Commuity Jurists (CAJ), the International Committee, Planned Parenthood Global, and the Center for the Promotion and Defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights (PROMSEX).