Tribunal Hears Testimony on Maternal Death in Mexico

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Last month Alicia Yamin, our director of policy, served as a judge on the Symbolic Tribunal on Maternal Death and Obstetric Violence in Mexico City. Yamin and her co-judges heard harrowing testimony from 27 women, family members, and service providers from around the country. The tribunal was organized by the Grupo de Información en Reproducción (GIRE) and over 20 co-hosting organizers, including  Harvard FXB Center.

The tribunal has a long history in women’s and human rights. Alda Facio and Gladys Acosta, two of Yamin’s co-judges, had attended the Vienna Conference on Human Rights in 1993, where the first such tribunal had been organized to highlight not only the abuses of women’s rights but also the lack of access to remedies. Regina Tames, GIRE director, served on another People’s Tribunal with Yamin in Texas last year and was inspired to organize the Symbolic Tribunal in Mexico, which was attended by hundreds of people and widely covered in the Mexican press.

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