“I Declare at My Own Risk” One-Woman Play, part of Culture Beyond Borders

April 9, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Barker Center, Thompson Room
12 Quincy St
Cambridge, MA 02138
Margareta Matache

Photo courtesy of Alina Șerban

I Declare at My Own Risk,” Alina Șerban’s illuminating and highly acclaimed examination of conflicting identities, social discrimination, and the redemptive force of self-expression, will begin Harvard FXB’s Culture Beyond Borders: The Roma Contribution. Șerban’s performance, inspired by the autobiographical story of the actress, a Romanian from the Roma minority, follows the dilemmas, challenges and revelations that accompany a girl from a poverty-stricken Roma community in Bucharest on her sinuous way to social emancipation as a performer trained in some of the best artistic schools in the world.

The FXB Center for Health and Human Rights is hosting the Fifth Annual Roma Conference, Culture Beyond Borders: The Roma Contribution, at Harvard University to mark International Roma Day. The event will bring together academic, literary, artistic, and student communities to explore the contributions of the Roma community to global culture, arts, and material production.  The play is followed by an academic conference the following day. The conference agenda is available here.

The Harvard FXB Center has organized an event on International Roma Day for the past four years. Previous events have centered on social science, political and legal issues, with particular focus on questions of discrimination, disproportionate exposure to violence, stigma, and marginalization. This year, we intend to add a new emphasis to the discussion by documenting and contextualizing Roma creative and artistic achievement across a range of domains.

The conference is co-sponsored by the Berklee College of Music and the following departments and centers at Harvard University: The Center for European Studies, The Committee on Ethnicity, Migration, Rights, The Mahindra Humanities Center, The Department of Music, The Provost’s Fund for Interfaculty Collaboration, and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.