Building Bridges: U.S. Refugee Resettlement and Asylum Processing, Challenges and Barriers

April 6, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Kresge Building G2
677 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115
Lara Jirmanus, RSVP required

Building Bridges: An Interdisciplinary Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis is presented jointly by the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights  and the Middle East Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Sabrineh Ardalan, Assistant Director,  Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program, Harvard Law School

Places are limited. RSVP and pre-reading is required; (Note that this session recently was changed from April 20, and the session originally scheduled for this date is now on April 20.)

RSVP here
(or participate by video or teleconference; see below for instructions).


1) 3/6 Executive Order Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States

2) 3/6 Memorandum for the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Homeland Security

3) Syrian Refugees in the United States. Migration Policy Institute 

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6) In Limbo, In Love, In America: The Story of a Syrian Asylum Seeker. Sept 2015. All Things Considered. NPR. 

7) Syrian asylum-seekers face long waits in backlogged US system. The Washington Post. June 13, 2015

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1) Dial +1.408.740.7256 (US); +1.888.240.2560 (US Toll Free) ; +1.408.317.9253 (Alternate number); (all numbers)
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To reach the seminar’s webpage, click on this link to the Belfer Center, Middle East Initiative, choose Study Groups from the left-hand menu, and scroll down to the Building Bridges link.