Field Education Internship

Applications for Summer 2018 Open Now

The FXB Field Education Internship program offers Harvard students a unique educational and transformative experience, consisting of field practice combined with research in human rights and health.

The FXB FEI program consists of qualitative and participatory action research. FXB provides mentoring support to familiarize students with such research processes and to allow them to contribute to the field. The FXB FEI program aims to improve practice and advance knowledge at the local and global level. At the end of their research internship students will share their findings and recommendations with practitioners through community meetings/seminars and a written report, as well as potential publications. All participants will take part in a mandatory training program during the spring semester before commencing their work abroad, consisting of workshops in mid-March to mid-May and two months, 35 hours a week, in the field between late May and the end of July.

Students with the different disciplines such as Health, Government, Religion, Public Policy, Design, and Education have been successful in this program.

Application Information
Summer internships are available in 10 countries. Click on the links below for application information and further details.

Please direct all inquiries to the director of the program, Myriam Zuber, at