Faculty and Staff

Satchit Balsari, MD, MPH

Research Fellow

Dr. Satchit Balsari is a research fellow at Harvard FXB, where his research has contributed to advocacy on behalf vulnerable populations affected by disasters and humanitarian crises, including children in Haiti, refugees in Jordan, and the Rohingya in Bangladesh. Until recently, he served as Director of the Global Emergency Medicine Program at Weill Cornell Medical College/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital; in the summer of 2017, Dr Balsari will join the faculty of emergency medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.  He is currently part of Professor Jennifer Leaning’s team assessing the impact of the Syrian war on medicine and public health in the region.

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Jacqueline Bhabha, JD, MSc

Director of Research

Jacqueline Bhabha, JD, MsC, is Professor of the Practice of Health and Human Rights at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She is director of research at the Harvard FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, the Jeremiah Smith Jr. Lecturer in Law at Harvard Law School, and an adjunct lecturer in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. She received a first class honors degree and an MSc from Oxford University, and a JD from the College of Law in London. From 1997 to 2001 Bhabha directed the Human Rights Program at the University of Chicago. Prior to 1997 she was a practicing human rights lawyer in London and at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. She has published extensively on issues of transnational child migration, refugee protection, children’s rights, and citizenship. She is the author of Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age (Princeton University Press, 2014), editor of Children Without A State (MIT Press, 2011), author of Moving Children: Young Migrants and the Challenge of Rights (Princeton University Press, 2014), and editor of Coming of Age: Reframing the Approach to Adolescent Rights (UPenn Press, 2014). She serves on the board of the Scholars at Risk Network, the World Peace Foundation and the Journal of Refugee Studies.

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Miriam Chernoff, MA, PhD


Miriam Chernoff, MA, PhD, grew up in northern California and now lives in Waltham, Massachusetts. She is a statistician and an archaeologist/anthropologist who currently works as a biostatistician. She is interested in Near Eastern agricultural history and has contributed statistical expertise in the fields of HIV/AIDS, refugee mental health, psychology, minority health, and arthritis.

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Vasileia Digidiki, MA, PhD


Vasileia Digidiki is a social and forensic psychologist and a Harvard Instructor. She earned her PhD in social psychology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds two master’s degrees, one in forensic psychology and one in social psychology. Digidiki joined the FXB Center in 2014, where she completed her post-doc on child protection challenges in humanitarian crises. She leads the Center’s research on refugee and migrant child protection in the Mediterranean Basin, with a special focus on the sexual exploitation of refugee and migrant children. She has worked extensively on sex trafficking, victim and client blaming and its impact on re-victimization, and social attitudes towards the phenomenon. She has also conducted research on the integration of migrant and Roma youth in schools throughout Greece.

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Elizabeth Donger, MPP

Research Associate

Elizabeth Donger is a research associate at Harvard FXB focusing on issues of distress migration and child protection. She is the project lead for several studies including evaluations for the UNHCR in Ecuador and in Zambia of the health and well-being of adolescent refugees living in urban environments; and an evaluation of the community-level harm prevention strategies of three children’s rights nonprofits in India. She has experience in nonprofit programming, investigative research and legal advocacy with refugee and internally displaced communities in Jordan, Colombia, India, Ecuador, the U.S. and the U.K. She holds a Master of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, where she was a John F. Kennedy Fellow.

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Arlan Fuller, JD, MA

Executive Director

Arlan Fuller is executive director of the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University and a research associate at the Harvard School of Public Health. His central areas of focus are in human rights law, international development, and US government operations and legislative strategy. He has led several research investigations focused on human rights and complex emergency response, as well as conducted field projects in both health and education service delivery.

Previously, he was the legislative assistant for international relations and trade policy to Congressman Sherrod Brown, at the time a senior member of the House International Relations Committee. In this role, he was responsible for the Congressman’s policy campaign to increase US funding for global health efforts as well as organizing a legislative and whipping strategy with the House Democratic Caucus on trade policy issues. Mr. Fuller also worked for Senator Edward Kennedy, serving on the Senator’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee staff, and focused on issues related to the National Institutes of Health.

Mr. Fuller received his BA in economics from the College of the Holy Cross. He holds a master’s degree in peace and conflict studies from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, and a JD from Boston College Law School.

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Benjamin H. Leaman, MFA

Communications Coordinator

Benjamin Leaman communicates through writing, editing, design, photography, and videography on behalf of the center. He provides marketing and communications strategy to the diverse team of fellows and faculty. He received his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Fiction) from Boston University.

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Jennifer Leaning, MD, SMH


Jennifer Leaning, MD, SMH, is director of the Harvard FXB Center and FXB Professor of the Practice of Health and Human Rights at Harvard School of Public Health. As associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, she is a faculty member in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Prior to her current appointment in 2010, Dr. Leaning served for five years as co-director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. From 1999 to 2005 Dr. Leaning directed the Program on Humanitarian Crises and Human Rights at the Harvard FXB Center. During the 1980s and 1990s Dr. Leaning held progressively responsible roles in medical management at Harvard Community Health Plan (now Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates) and was medical director of the Health Centers Division from 1992-1997.  She has worked clinically in emergency medicine from 1978 (and at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston from 1986-2005).

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Hector Lucero, BA, BSc

Associate Director of Finance and Administration

Hector Lucero is FXB’s Associate Director of Finance and Administration. Working closely with faculty, staff, and Center leadership, he provides oversight and leadership in the financial and administrative management of the Center’s diverse activities. Hector received bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees from Boston University in 2003 and has been with Harvard University since 2008.

Margareta Matache, PhD


Margareta (Magda) Matache is a Roma rights activist from Romania, director of the Roma Program at Harvard FXB,  and also a Harvard instructor. In 2012 she was awarded a Hauser postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard FXB and founded the Roma Program here at that time. In April 2017, she shepherded Culture Beyond Borders: The Roma Contribution, FXB’s very successful fifth annual event to mark International Roma Day. The University of Pennyslvania Press published her latest book  Realizing Roma Rights in spring 2017. This volume, which she co-edited with Andrzej Mirga and FXB’s research director, Jacqueline Bhabha, investigates anti-Roma racism and documents a growing Roma-led political movement engaged in building a more inclusive and just Europe. From 2005 to 2012 Matache was the executive director of Romani CRISS (www.romanicriss.org), a leading NGO that defends and promotes the rights of Roma.

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