Faculty and Staff

Margareta Matache, PhD


Margareta (Magda) Matache is a Roma rights activist from Romania, director of the Roma Program at Harvard FXB,  and also a Harvard instructor. In 2012 she was awarded a Hauser postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard FXB and founded the Roma Program here at that time. In April 2017, she shepherded Culture Beyond Borders: The Roma Contribution, FXB’s very successful fifth annual event to mark International Roma Day. The University of Pennyslvania Press published her latest book  Realizing Roma Rights in spring 2017. This volume, which she co-edited with Andrzej Mirga and FXB’s research director, Jacqueline Bhabha, investigates anti-Roma racism and documents a growing Roma-led political movement engaged in building a more inclusive and just Europe. From 2005 to 2012 Matache was the executive director of Romani CRISS (www.romanicriss.org), a leading NGO that defends and promotes the rights of Roma.

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Susan Lloyd McGarry, BA

Senior Writer

Susan Lloyd McGarry writes and edits program reports, policy briefs, case studies, and various other documents for publication and use in e-learning formats as part of advancing Harvard FXB Center’s work in the world. She has helped prepare several center faculty books for publication, including the forthcoming “Realizing Roma Rights,” Human Rights and Adolescence, and Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age. McGarry has also edited a policy brief and report on the Champions project (research into success factors leading to girls’ educational achievement in India) and copyedited the winter 2013–14 issue of the Health and Human Rights Journal.

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Lena Ransohoff, BA

Faculty Assistant

Lena Ransohoff recently graduated from Cornell University and joined FXB to work as the Faculty Assistant under Dr. Jennifer Leaning and Professor Jacqueline Bhabha. With research interests in global health, medical anthropology, and human rights, she hopes to provide administrative support to the Center’s faculty and fellows while learning from their work.

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Rebecca Shin, MPA, MEd

Program Coordinator

Rebecca Shin is the Program Coordinator at Harvard FXB where she contributes to program development and operations.  After completing her MPA at the Harvard Kennedy School, Shin joined the Harvard FXB Center to directly pursue her passion for the human rights space.  Her areas of focus include child protection programs as well as key strategic initiatives with the Executive Director.  Prior to attending HKS, she worked for over 20 years in global corporate leadership roles responsible for program management, strategy and research.

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Myriam Zuber, MEd

FXB International Liaison Officer

Myriam Zuber joined us in 2014 as the FXB international liaison officer. Myriam is responsible for the design and implementation of a unique field education program for Harvard University students who will  expand their knowledge and experience in development, health, and human rights in impoverished communities by supporting FXBVillages. Myriam provides strategic direction and leadership to facilitate student-led capacity building, training, and evaluation for all FXBVillages, in addition to related activities within FXB International. She also builds educational, training, and research connections between FXB and the academic community at Harvard University. A native of France, Myriam holds a master of education from the Paris X University of Nanterre and a master of education in training, policy, and administration from Boston University. She has extensive international experience implementing innovative programs through non-governmental organizations in the field of community development and education.