Former Fellows

Heather Adams, MA, ALB


Heather Adams’s research focuses on adolescents and young adults with an intellectual disability or autism, and she is actively involved in parent- and practitioner-led initiatives supporting adolescents and young adults with an intellectual disability within communities Prior to joining Harvard FXB, she was a fellow at Harvard’s University Committee on Human Rights Studies, where she worked with the university’s Scholars at Risk Program. Ms. Adams continues this work as a member of Harvard’s Scholars at Risk Committee. She is also a member of the Lurie Center’s Transitions Policy Group, which seeks to address policy and access issues for families with autism spectrum disorders. Ms. Adams holds a Master of Studies in International Human Rights Law from Oxford University.

Maneli Aghakhan, PhD


Maneli Agakhan is a child protection specialist and head of the Child Protection Unit at UNICEF Iran. In recent years her work has focused on prevention of violence against children, justice for children, and partnership building with government, civil society, and academic institutions to address juvenile justice, child labor, alternative care for children without caregivers, and child protection in emergencies. She has worked in development and emergency contexts and has contributed to development of the “National Standards for Child Protection in Emergencies” in Iran (2010). Agakhan holds a doctorate in medical laboratory sciences.

Maria del Pilar Carmona, LLM


Attorney Maria del Pilar Carmona comes to us from Colombia, where she has for the past three years worked as a research associate and project manager for the Center for Socio-Legal Studies at Universidad de los Andes. Maria has also worked as a lawyer for the Colombian government and as a consultant for the Mexican Supreme Court, the Organization for Health Excellence in Colombia, UN Women, and the World Bank, among others. Her research focuses on gender issues and constitutional law.

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Allan Maleche


As a human rights lawyer and executive director of KELIN, a human rights organization that works to protect and promote human rights related to HIV in East Africa, Allan Maleche has achieved notable successes in using the law to shape health policy in Kenya and to help Kenyans realize the right to health through education, litigation, and advocacy. Under Maleche’s leadership, KELIN recently brought a case challenging the forced and coerced sterilization of HIV+ pregnant women to the Kenyan High Court.

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Ketevan Melikadze, MA, MD

Harvard-UNICEF Fellow

Ketevan Melikadze is a social welfare officer at UNICEF Georgia. Her work mainly centers on supporting the government to develop systems and services to protect the most vulnerable children, namely, those with disabilities, child victims of violence, children under state care, and children living and working on the streets. Melikadze has worked as a policy analyst and consultant in education, health, and other social fields; managed an NGO working with children with disabilities; and lectured and tutored students and professionals in public policy and policy analysis.