Anjli Patel Headshot

Anjli Patel, MS

Special Assistant and Senior Research Coordinator

Anjli Patel is the Special Assistant and Senior Research Coordinator for Dr. Mary T. Bassett, Director of the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard. Her work with Dr. Bassett focuses on the intersection of structural racism, social justice, public health policy and legislation, and health equity. Anjli also has an interest in the intersection of this work within the field of oral health. Her current personal research is on preventive oral care, as a branch of primary care medicine, to address structural racism and close the health equity gap. Her research interests include interdisciplinary research, translational science, critical thinking, and database‐driven research with an emphasis to center data analysis around community and patient stories to critically construct projects in a responsible and accountable way.

Prior to obtaining her Master’s in Biomedicine from the University of Pittsburgh, she worked at Northwestern University on disease prevention through basic science, clinical research, and community health. Her earlier work explored the effects of colonialism on the study of Indian art, indigenous Chinese communities, and global healthcare practices. She hopes to bring her diverse background to the FXB Center to continue an interdisciplinary approach to their research questions and methodologies.