Ashley Gripper

Ashley Gripper, MPH

Ashley is an activist-scholar and current PhD Candidate in Environmental Epidemiology. Using spatial analysis and mixed methods, her dissertation explores the impact of urban agriculture on the mental health, spirituality, and collective agency of Black folks in Philadelphia. Ashley is a part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Health Policy Research Scholars program and is learning how to translate research into policy that supports community wellbeing. She is an active member of Soil Generation, a  Black and brown-led coalition of urban farmers, gardeners, and food justice activists. Through her policy work with Soil Generation, she is a part of the team responsible for designing the Urban Agriculture Plan for the entire City of Philadelphia.

Ashley is the founder and director of Land Based Jawns, a spiritually rooted organization in Philly helping Black women and non-binary folks to reconnect and reunite with the land. Her organization provides education and training on natural agriculture, carpentry, self defense, and land based living.