Aybahar Qarqeen

Aybahar Qarqeen

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Aybahar Qarqeen is a Masters in Education (Ed.M) in Human Development and Psychology candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

FXB: What do you see as the biggest overall challenges in Child Protection these days?

Aybahar Qarqeen: Currently, one of the biggest challenges in child protection is mitigating the devastating impact of COVID-19 on children’s safety and well-being. The disruption in child protection services left children exposed to harm and with limited access to support.

FXB: How do you think academic and scholarly work can inform child protection approaches?

Aybahar Qarqeen: Academic and scholarly work provides us with evidence about the strengths and limitations of existing approaches directed at the protection of children. Therefore, it plays a significant role in strengthening child protection efforts and in informing policies to better respond to the unique needs of children.