Roger-Claude Liwanga

Roger-Claude Liwanga, S.J.D, LL.M.

FXB Affiliate

Dr. Roger-Claude Liwanga is an FXB Affiliate specializing in Human Trafficking and Forced Labor. He is also an adjunct law professor at Emory Law School (where he teaches the Child Protection and International Human Rights course and the Advanced International Negotiation seminar), and an assistant professor at Albany State University’s Criminal Justice Department. His research interests include human trafficking, child protection, human rights, international law, laws of war, comparative criminal laws, and conflict resolution.

Dr. Liwanga is equally part of the legal team involved in the lawsuit against Apple, Google, Tesla, and others on child labor in cobalt supply chains in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).Previously, he consulted with different programs of the Carter Center, including the conflict resolution program (on the implementation of the 2015 Peace Agreement in Mali, for which the Carter Center serves as an independent observer),  and the human rights and democracy programs (on the issues of human rights, human trafficking, and fair and democratic elections in Africa).

His scholarly work has appeared in the Boston University International Law Journal, the Brooklyn Journal of International Law, the Denver Journal of International Law and Policy, the Emory International Law Review, the Suffolk Transnational Law Review, and the Journal of African Law by Cambridge University Press. Dr. Liwanga recently published a book chapter, “Child Labor and Migration: The Exploitation of Migrant Children in the Artisanal Mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo” in Research Handbook on Child Migration (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018), and a book, Child Mining in an Era of High-Technology: Understanding the Roots, Conditions and Effects of Labor Exploitation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Alpha Academic Press, 2017).