Jing Yang, MS


Jing Yang is a researcher from the Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences in China with a Masters in Sociology. Currently, she is a Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology at Renmin University in China. From 2006 to 2008, Yang trained with the Doctoral Summer Program on Gender, sponsored by Fudan University and the University of Michigan. Her research interests focus on the sociology of childhood and the protection of vulnerable children, with an emphasis on gender differences and the inequalities among girls in minority areas. Yang has published numerous articles, papers and reports on these topics. Yang currently coordinates a research program funded by the Chinese National Social Science Fund about the services and systems caring for children left behind in rural areas in China when their parents move to urban areas for work.

Yang frequently acts as an advisor and consultant on child protection in minority areas. She has served as a program consultant for UNICEF, Save the Children and Plan International. Presently, she is a consultant to the Think Tank on Children of the Chinese State Council Working Committee on Women and Children (SCWCWC). She also is a consultant to the Yunnan Provincial Women’s Federation and the Working Committee on Children and Women of Yunnan Province.

A selection of the many recent publications in which she is first or primary author include:

  • In Chinese: “Analysis of Early Marriage: 1980-2010,” Southern China Population 135(2016, No.3):57-68.
  • In Chinese: “Girls’ Development Report From 2013-2015,”. In the Chinese Women’s Green Book: Annual report on gender equality and women’s development in China (2013-2015), editor by TANG ling (Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, 2016), pp.111-25.
  • In English and Chinese: Baseline Survey Report of Minority Adolescent Education, Girls Health Care, and the Development Program in A County, funded by Plan International 2014.