Jonathan Josefsson


Dr. Jonathan Josefsson is associate senior lecturer at the Department of Thematic Studies – Child Studies, Linköping University. His research can be divided into two main strands: rights of children under migration and children’s political representation in contemporary democracies. Common to these strands is that they both aim to provide empirical and theoretical knowledge about contemporary societal challenges about children, citizenship and politics. In the postdoc project, Non-citizen children and anti-deportation campaigns: political strategies and mobilization for the right to stay, empirical and theoretical studies are conducted on children and youth’s involvement in anti-deportation campaigns in Sweden and in international comparison. As part of the project, Jonathan is a visiting fellow at the Harvard FXB Center for Health and Human Rights. In the project, Universal Suffrage? – Voting Restrictions after 1921, Jonathan, together with six other researchers, study how large parts of the population were also excluded from suffrage after the “democratic breakthrough” in Sweden. Together with Bengt Sandin of Linköping University, he is responsible for a study on age and voting rights.

Recent publications are: “Introduction: Child Rights Governance,” Special issue in Childhood with Holzscheiter A., Sandin B. Ed. (forthcoming 2019); “We beg you, let them stay!: right claims of asylum-seeking children as a socio-political practice.” Childhood, (2017) 24 (3): 316-332; Children’s Rights to Asylum in the Swedish Migration Court of Appeal. International Journal of Children’s Rights, (2017) 25 (1): 85-113; Children’s Rights to Asylum and the Capability Approach. Ethical Perspectives, (2016) 23(1):101-130. In recent years, Jonathan has directed and taught courses at basic and advanced level in Political Theory, Ethics, Children’s rights and Educational history and politics at Linköping University.