Confronting the Refugee Crisis

capture-gazette-harvard-involvement-refugee-crisisThe work of Harvard FXB Center is featured in the third installment of an occasional Harvard Gazette series on the university’s engagement with the European refugee crisis. The piece makes reference to a new Harvard FXB report, Children on the Move: An Urgent Human Rights and Child Protection Priority, which analyzes the legal frameworks for protecting migrating children in various countries, along with case studies of the immigration situation in particular studies. Center research director Jacqueline Bhabha is quoted extensively in the Gazette piece. Among other points, she notes the scale of the problem and the need to take into account psychosocial factors in determining the sort of help that is due. “One in two refugees is a child. … This phenomenon is completely unprecedented in its magnitude and gravity,” Bhabha said. “You can’t [merely] assess whether someone is eligible for refugee status when they are clearly hungry or clearly stressed or clearly traumatized.”

Full report (with video).