Racial Justice Program

About the Program

The FXB Center aims to create an actionable field of scholarship examining the impact of structural racism on public health and to work to build ties with our neighbors – decision-makers, community organizations, media, and government partners – to ensure this research appears not only in academic journals, but is also communicated in ways that help guide change.   

The FXB Center’s Racial Justice Program, through practice-oriented research, focuses on deepening knowledge base and filling gaps in content and methodology. 

Our research platform brings together scholars and practitioners, to investigate four mutually reinforcing areas through which racist structures and mechanisms perpetuate health inequities: 

  • Mass incarceration and over-policing
  • House discrimination and neighborhood segregation
  • Environmental practices and climate justice
  • Health care systems

The program includes five FXB Health and Human Rights Fellows pursuing self-defined research on the impact of structural racism and health under the four mutually reinforcing areas. Fellows, along with their research, collaborate with one another to maximize intersections and seek to build connections with communities (along with our Racial Justice Policy and Community Engagement Manager) to implement evidence-based initiatives and pro-equity efforts to bring about lasting change.  

Beyond the moral imperative of achieving equity, what public health can add to the call to end structural racism is data that will inform life-saving actions and decisions at the structural level. The FXB Center believes research on structural racism can help quantify the cost of inaction and provide the needed evidence to reform existing structures and practices. 

With support from the JPB Foundation, the Racial Justice Program was established in fall 2021.

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