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Harvard FXB Roma conference (with Center for European Studies), April 8, 2013

Harvard FXB Roma conference (with Center for European Studies), April 8, 2013

Realizing Roma Rights // Special Issue, Health and Human Rights Journal

Our goal of placing the realization of Roma rights on academic and policy agendas in the United States and elsewhere is achieved through publications, conferences, lectures, and courses. Our major upcoming publications include a book and a special issue of Harvard FXB’s Health and Human Rights Journal. Details below.

Realizing Roma Rights (book)

Realizing Roma Rights (forthcoming, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016) is a multidisciplinary, multi-thematic volume that grapples with the question of why Roma people continue to face discrimination, stigmatization, and concomitant deprivations (education, child mortality, nutrition, and poverty, and so on).

A primary goal of the book is to promote reflection on historical and contemporary Roma marginalization and to correct the invisibility of Roma issues in current social and political theory.

Another goal is to contextualize Roma policy formulation and implementation within broader governance and accountability discourse. Authors will reflect on the paradoxical institutionalization of both xenophobic and non-discriminatory practices in Europe and assess the role of the EU both in promoting change and reinforcing the status quo.

Jointly edited by Harvard FXB’s Jacqueline Bhabha; Andrzej Mirga, president of the Roma Education Fund Board; and Margareta Matache, Harvard FXB instructor, the volume targets academic and policy audiences, as well as non-legal advocates, civil society organizations, and Roma institutions. It is designed to be accessible for teaching, executive training, and interdisciplinary dialogue.

Roma Access to Health Rights (special journal issue)

Articles in this special issue (SI) will tackle health-based initiatives but also those that focused on addressing, much more comprehensively, effective social determinants. Special importance will be granted to those approaches involving grassroots Roma-based initiatives. The SI will also include articles about the health status of Roma and Roma related populations in Latin America and the Middle East.

The SI will bring together a number of respected international scholars, some of whom will document ongoing health inequalities and their causes. Other articles will explore new research into the challenges of effectively implementing health rights.

Scholars will be invited to submit articles in May 2016. The issue is slated for release in December 2017.