International Moves Can Provide Pathway to Rational, Just and Inclusive Migration Policy, Says Bhabha

picture of Jackie Bhabha talking

Harvard FXB research director Jacqueline Bhabha recently gave the Rethinking Open Society lecture at the Central European University in Budapest earlier this spring. Below is the first paragraph from CEU’s coverage of her talk:

“It is hard to think of a time when public engagement with migration policy globally has been as evident or as polarized as it is now,” said Harvard Professor Jaqueline Bhabha, as she opened her Rethinking Open Society lecture “Can We Solve the Refugee and Migration Crisis?” at CEU. She believes that, despite the sharp rise in nativism, “moves are afoot that can provide a pathway to a rational, just and inclusive migration policy for all in open and democratic societies.”

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Link to the March 26 2018 draft of the UN Global Compact for Migration, which Bhabha mentions in her talk.