Miriam Chernoff, MA, PhD


Miriam Chernoff, MA, PhD, grew up in northern California and now lives in Waltham, Massachusetts. She is a statistician and an archaeologist/anthropologist who currently works as a biostatistician. She is interested in Near Eastern agricultural history and has contributed statistical expertise in the fields of HIV/AIDS, refugee mental health, psychology, minority health, and arthritis.

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Erin Doherty, BA

Administrative Coordinator

Erin Doherty joined the Harvard FXB as administrative coordinator in the fall of 2014. She works closely with fellows and staff on administrative, financial, and human resources related requests. Prior to joining Harvard FXB, Doherty worked at Boston Children’s Hospital supporting faculty members in the Division of General Pediatrics. Doherty received a bachelor of arts in communication from Westfield State University.

Elizabeth Donger, MPP

Research Associate

Elizabeth Donger is a research associate at Harvard FXB Center focusing on issues of distress migration and child protection. She has experience in nonprofit programming, investigative research and legal advocacy with refugee and internally displaced communities in Jordan, Colombia, the U.S. and the U.K. She completed a Master of Public Policy degree at the Harvard Kennedy School, where, as as a John F. Kennedy Fellow, she wrote her capstone Policy Analysis Exercise on child labor exploitation for the UN Special Rapporteur on the sale of children.

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Jennifer Leigh, MPH

Senior Research Assistant

Jennifer Leigh, MPH, has been active in global health for 15 years, primarily providing humanitarian assistance and strengthening community-based care for mobile and conflict-affected populations. Jennifer consults internationally, frequently providing technical assistance for projects in Myanmar, and conducts research with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and Harvard Global Health Institute, in addition to doing work with Harvard FXB Center

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Hector Lucero, BA, BSc

Associate Director of Finance and Administration

Hector Lucero is FXB’s Associate Director of Finance and Administration. Working closely with faculty, staff, and Center leadership, he provides oversight and leadership in the financial and administrative management of the Center’s diverse activities. Hector received bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees from Boston University in 2003 and has been with Harvard University since 2008.

Susan Lloyd McGarry, BA

Senior Writer

Susan Lloyd McGarry writes and edits program reports, policy briefs, case studies, and various other documents for publication and use in e-learning formats as part of advancing Harvard FXB Center’s work in the world. She has helped prepare several center faculty books for publication, including the forthcoming “Realizing Roma Rights,” Human Rights and Adolescence, and Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age. McGarry has also edited a policy brief and report on the Champions project (research into success factors leading to girls’ educational achievement in India) and copyedited the winter 2013–14 issue of the Health and Human Rights Journal.

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Krista Oehlke

Krista Oehlke, BA

Program Coordinator

Krista Oehlke, program coordinator, supports a range of human rights projects for the center through research, reporting, and communications. She coordinates the center’s child protection curriculum, a joint venture with UNICEF, and, most recently, developed a chapter on access to medicines for the Health and Human Rights Resource Guide. Krista also oversaw the production and editing of Realizing Roma Rights, to be published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in Fall 2016. Oehlke previously served as editorial assistant for the center’s journal, Health and Human Rights. She holds a BA in comparative literature from Dartmouth College, with concentrations in Spanish and philosophy. Her research interests focus on understanding the experiences and needs of Central American children, youth, and forced migrants who traverse the US border.

Myriam Zuber, MEd

FXB International Liaison Officer

Myriam Zuber joined us in 2014 as the FXB international liaison officer. Myriam is responsible for the design and implementation of a unique field education program for Harvard University students who will  expand their knowledge and experience in development, health, and human rights in impoverished communities by supporting FXBVillages. Myriam provides strategic direction and leadership to facilitate student-led capacity building, training, and evaluation for all FXBVillages, in addition to related activities within FXB International. She also builds educational, training, and research connections between FXB and the academic community at Harvard University. A native of France, Myriam holds a master of education from the Paris X University of Nanterre and a master of education in training, policy, and administration from Boston University. She has extensive international experience implementing innovative programs through non-governmental organizations in the field of community development and education.