About the Artwork

C. (2016). [On Recovery]. Retrieved April 16, 2019, from https://theopioidproject.oncell.com/en/charlie-on-recovery-151764.html. Recovery story from The Opioid Project: Changing Perceptions Through Art and Storytelling.
We are grateful to The Opioid Project and the artist, Charlie, for giving us permission to use this work as representative of the process of recovery from the disease of addiction.

Charlie: Artist Statement

“My piece is about my higher power and how perfect the universe is. The beauty of the sunrise and sunset. It is a window into the universe. This is like my recovery. The perfectness of the universe is like recovery. I don’t need to mess with it.

The figure meditating symbolizes unity with the universe. Spirituality to me, can be summed up with one word, “unity.” That unity occurs when we slow down and sit in the present moment…just ride the wave, man…”

The Opioid Project: Changing Perceptions through Art and Storytelling

The Opioid Project supports those personally touched by the opioid epidemic and creates community dialogue about stigma and the costs of the ongoing crisis. It is an interactive art and storytelling project founded and facilitated by Boston-based artist Nancy Marks and physician and Health Story Collaborative founder Annie Brewster.

To learn more about The Opioid Project’s goals and how they collaborate with local partners, please visit: https://theopioidproject.oncell.com/en/index.html