From the War on Drugs to Harm Reduction: Imagining a Just Response to the Overdose Crisis

Image with following text "The need for an equitable and structural response to the overdose crisis is more urgent and critical than ever"

About the Report

In Spring 2020, the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, First Focus on Children, and Open Society Foundations convened a group of experts in public health, harm reduction, drug policy, and child welfare. The experts shared ideas on how to direct the opioid litigation settlement funds toward structural and policy reform that advances public health and health equity. “From the War on Drugs to Harm Reduction: Imagining a Just Response to the Overdose Crisis,” released December 16, 2020, reflects the views of these leading experts and contains specific recommendations for policy makers and advocates.

Expert Recommendations for the Use of Opioid Settlement Funds for Policy Makers and Advocates

Recommendations to Prioritize the Health and Well-being of People Who Use Drugs and People With Opioid Dependence

Recommendations to Prevent Opioid Use and Address Structural Drivers of Opioid Use and Dependence

More Information

View the report infographic (PDF)

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