Center Overview

womens-day-art-700x450Harvard FXB is the first academic center to focus exclusively on the practical dynamic between the issues of health and human rights.

Founded in 1993 through a gift from the Association François-Xavier Bagnoud, the center is is a world leader in building a conceptual basis to advocate for the right to health and for human rights-based approaches to the development of health policy.

We combine research and teaching with a strong commitment to service and policy development. Partnering with health and human rights practitioners, governmental and nongovernmental actors, other academic institutions, and international agencies, we work to build knowledge of how human rights entitlements can

(1) Translate into effective actions for vulnerable children.
(2) Support those doing the daily work of delivering health interventions in resource-poor settings.
(3) Train new generations of global health leaders to implement and scale up successful interventions guided by human rights principles.