Emily Y.Y. Chan, MD, SMPIH, DFPH (UK)

FXB Affiliate

Professor Emily Y. Y. Chan is director of the Collaborating Centre at Oxford University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response, director of the Centre of Global Health, convener of the Climate Change and Health Study Group, and a member of the faculty of medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Apart from being a public health research expert, she is also an expert in evaluating medical humanitarian interventions in extreme events and in developing health programs in remote and resource-deficient settings.

In 2007, Professor Chan established the Climate Change and Health Research Study Group at the JC School of Public Health and Primary Care at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She headed the CUHK-HKO Collaborative Research Team on Climate Change and Health Outcomes from 2012 to 2014. Dr. Chan serves on the editorial boards of several international scientific journals and as a technical expert on the governing boards of various international non-governmental organizations and government advisory groups in areas related to medical humanitarian response, climate change and health and health related interventions in difficult settings.