Pamela Steiner, MA, MEd, EdD

Senior Fellow

Dr. Steiner is a Harvard FXB Center Senior Fellow and an associate of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. She directs the Intercommunal Trust Building Project, which aims to contribute to an improvement in the relationship between Armenian and Turkish communities. More generally, the project seeks to add to understanding of the psychology that propels violence between communities as well as the psychology of healing and building productive relationships post-violence. The project’s primary activities have included Track 2 workshops for Armenian and Turkish participants and a public meeting with Hasan Cemal. Dr. Steiner speaks and lectures widely on these topics. To identify more transformative and hence more effective possibilities for the work of conflict resolution, she is writing a book on the sources and manifestations of collective trauma in the Armenian/Turkish/Azeri and the Jewish/German/Israeli/Palestinian situations.

Steiner co-founded the Program on International Conflict Analysis and Resolution at Harvard’s Weatherhead Center of International Affairs (1995-2003) and has extensive experience in conflict resolution and reconciliation efforts, especially with Germans and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians, and Armenians and Turks.

Dr. Steiner also practices as a psychotherapist specializing in working with individuals with a history of trauma. She is certified in somatic experiencing, a new approach to healing from trauma. For twelve years she was a clinical instructor in psychology at Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Steiner  holds an MA in Government from Harvard University, and an MEd in Counseling and Consulting Psychology and an EdD in Developmental Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.