Soroush Moallef

Soroush Moallef, MHS

Soroush is a Population Health Sciences PhD student at Harvard studying social and spatial epidemiology in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Broadly, Soroush’s research aims to advance equity-oriented public health scholarship and practice to support human rights through examinations of the impact of social and structural systems on health. For example, his recent research has examined the impact of COVID-19 on the risk of nonfatal overdose, during the unprecedented and ongoing drug poisoning crisis, among nine community-recruited cohorts of people who use drugs in the US and Canada. In addition, with the United Nations Development Programme, Soroush has examined the relationships between sexual and gender stigma and healthcare access and suicidality among a national sample of sexual and gender minorities in Thailand.

Soroush is from the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada, where he completed his BS in Population & Quantitative Health Sciences and his MHS degree in Epidemiology. Before joining Harvard, he worked as a researcher at the British Columbia Centre on Substance use, the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, and UNDP.