New UNHCHR Guide for Natl Human Rights Institutions

Capture-NHRIHealthPolicyGuide-AliJuly 23, 2015. Harvard FXB, working in partnership with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the World Health Organization, among other key partners, has produced a quick reference guide to help national human rights institutions and independent human rights institutions to effectively and meaningfully implement a human rights-based approach (HRBA) to sexual and reproductive health, maternal health andunder-5 child health.

From the introduction: “National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) and Independent Human Rights Institutions for Children (IHRICs) have a central role to play in contributing to the prevention of maternal and child mortality and morbidity, as well as the enjoyment of health rights by women and children, including adolescents. These institutions operate with a mandate for promoting and protecting human rights, “either at the request of the authorities concerned or through the exercise of its power to hear a matter without higher referral, opinions, recommendations, proposals and reports….” [Full guide.]

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