FXB Center Announces New Initiative For Racial Justice

The FXB Center today announced a new fellowship program for racial justice in partnership with the JPB Foundation, featuring five new fellows with diverse backgrounds in health and human rights. The announcement came during the virtual symposium “Anti-Racism in Public Health Policies, Practice and Research,” hosted by the FXB Center to launch its new racial justice initiative, which includes research and a series of conversations on racism as a determinant of health, root cause of health inequalities and health stressor in view of improving data and informing policies.

“The FXB Racial Justice program focuses on U.S. racism and is a new endeavor at the FXB Center, which has focused largely on health and human rights issues outside the United States,” said FXB Center Director Dr. Mary T. Bassett during the symposium. “As someone who has been thinking about racism for a very long time, I take great encouragement for our collective futures from the fact that the Fellows have decided to focus on these topics, which remain less conventional and less safe than traditional academic focus on risk factors and diseases.”

The goal of the FXB Center is to deepen the knowledge base and fill gaps in content and methodology, while ensuring that research and evidence is responsive to community needs and informs policymaking. To learn more about the racial justice initiative, visit: https://fxb.harvard.edu/racial-justice/.